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A tribute to my mum

My mum was called home to the Lord on Saturday, August 29th 2020.

Many knew my mum as the cheerful, stylish, loving wife, mother and granny she was, but there is so much more to her than just that - and I wanted to write a tribute to my mum for all to know her a little better.

Some would have known my mum for her wonderful home-cooked meals, but few would have known that she only started cooking late in life (there's still hope for me!). She loved to eat, but didn't like her own cooking. Nevertheless, she'd still happily cook meals for her family with love, and take delight at our enjoyment.

Some would have known that my mum had many ups and downs in her life, but few would have known that she faced one of her most challenging times this year when she was diagnosed with lung cancer. As she has always put on a brave front with a ready smile for everyone, fewer would have seen her sad and scared during trying times. She was a strong woman, but even the strongest warriors have weak moments.

Few would have known that my mum accepted Christ as her Lord & Saviour before her passing, as it was with Christ she found peace, hope and comfort through terrifying times. I, myself, did not know that my mum was already well-acquainted with the Word of God, as she had taken Bible Studies in Form 5 way back in 1960 - and scored an A!

In my 10-minute eulogy during her wake service, I had said that I attribute all my successes, past and future, to God and my mum. Having said that, I realised that I would not be doing justice to my mum for simply attributing a job promotion, or materialistic successes to her. I wanted to give her something more meaningful.

So instead of writing a tribute to her on Facebook for just my FB friends to read, and for it to appear as a memory the same time every year, I decided to start a blog - not just dedicated to her though, that would be a tad narcissistic!

Amidst the ongoing turmoil that we have in the world today and in our personal lives, I wanted this blog to let people know they aren't alone in seemingly dark situations. There is always hope, although admittedly, it may be hard to believe some times. My mum did find her hope, and that brought her peace and comfort.

I have had some trying times in my life recently too - caring for a loved one with cancer, losing a job, saying goodbye to a parent - and I'd like to share those experiences, and if the sharing helps just one person find a little hope, peace and comfort - well, attributing that success to my mum would definitely make her proud.

At my mum's wake service on Sunday, August 30th 2020, Reverend Shearn Sya talked about "Death's Silver Lining" which I'd share more on in my next post on "Saying Goodbye", but it was that sermon which inspired the name of this blog and the setup of

Mum - this one's for you! I love you.

Eulogy for my mum:

Thank you to all who played a part at my mum's wake service on Sunday, August 30th 2020, be it attending physically, sending flowers, contributions and/or messages.


Romans 15:13 (New International Version)

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."

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1 Comment

Sep 06, 2020

I don't know Mrs Koay in person, but I'm sure she was a wonderful mum as that raise up Sharon I knew (sikit sikit).

May you rest in peace.

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