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In the Journey of Life

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My Journey with Covid-19

It all started on late Saturday, February 19th night when I received a notification on MySejahtera (a mobile app by the Malaysian...

What now after 17 years in IT?

I started my career in IT sales & marketing way back in 2003 at Computer Systems Advisers (CSA), then moved on to Sun Microsystems,...

Palliative care - what is it?

I have always associated palliative care with giving up hope. How unaware & misinformed I was. And if you are too, take just 3 minutes to...

The aftermath of death - for the living

When I decided to start this blog on "Silver Linings", it was with the intention to let people know that they aren't alone in seemingly...

Saying goodbye

I had thought saying goodbye would be the most painful part of letting someone you love go - but then a friend of mine shared with me...

A tribute to my mum

My mum was called home to the Lord on Saturday, August 29th 2020. Many knew my mum as the cheerful, stylish, loving wife, mother and...

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